Suggested Framing

  • Consider using wood or metal frames for better quality and appearance.
  • Suggestion: Use acid-free mount board to protect the artwork.
  • If displayed outside, UV-protected glass is advised.
  • While glass offers better clarity and appearance for a longer period, acrylic sheets can also be used instead to avoid the risk of breaking and reduce the overall weight of the piece.


Each print is done by archival printers. The paper used is of Archival quality. The print will match to the original in terms of texture and colour, except that it’s a print.

Return Policy

Prints/Originals, once sold, cannot be returned.


Print, Original


Paper, Canvas, Arches 300GSM Cold Pressed


A4, A3, A2, A1, A0, 7.5×7.5 (Inch)

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