K N Hari Das

K N Hari Das, an artist of Indian origin, found his passion for art reignited through his extensive travels to the Middle East, the Americas, England, and other countries. These experiences provided him with valuable exposure to international art, culture, and architecture, leading him to pursue art as a full-time career.

Hari’s artistic philosophy centers around transparency, which he strives to reflect in each of his pieces. Currently, he is focused on an architectural series that emphasizes the significance and storytelling potential of architectural structures. Regardless of their size or complexity, he believes that every edifice carries a unique story within. As he paints and interprets these structures, he listens to their narratives and incorporates his own perspective. He has discovered that creating light and aesthetically pleasing renditions resonates with a broader audience.

Hari Das’s artistic journey encompasses more than just watercolors. With a bold spirit, he ventures into the realms of oil and acrylic, exploring these alternative mediums to express his unique artistic vision. Through his mastery of these diverse forms of artistic expression, Hari Das pushes the boundaries of his creativity, unveiling a remarkable talent that captivates and inspires.

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