Portland, Maine

A must-visit destination for sketching and painting enthusiasts. Nestled in New England, Portland, Maine, is a coastal gem offering a captivating mix of maritime charm and modern vibrancy. Its historic cobblestone streets, vibrant arts scene, and flourishing culinary culture make it a picturesque haven. From lighthouses to art galleries, Portland cherishes its rich heritage while embracing contemporary innovation.

With an abundance of art galleries, museums, restaurants, including the renowned Becky’s, and a beautiful harbor, Portland has it all. I had the pleasure of visiting in November, and even the rainy weather added to the enchantment of Maine.

Exploring the city is even more enjoyable with a knowledgeable guide and indulging in a luxurious stay. I consider myself incredibly fortunate to have been the guest of my long-time friend Richard Graff and his wife Cassondra during my visit.

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