New York City

NYC always remains captivatingā€”from my initial encounter in 2001 to my recent visit during the fall of 2022. Albany, the capital city of New York, boasts real beauty during the autumn season. One should definitely embark on a drive or train journey from Albany to NYC to relish the fall splendor. The memories of a past drive from Albany to NY and the train journey back, all amidst the enchanting autumn landscape, are still vivid in my mind. The melodies of Tamil movie “Minnale” provided a fitting musical backdrop during this journey.

MOMA, Central Park, Wall Street, Times Square, Liberty Island, Madame Tussauds, numerous other museums and galleries, the iconic yellow taxis set against the cityscape, street performances, BH Photo Videos, the nostalgic 33rd Street, and MACY’sā€”there are countless reasons why I consider this city the most exhilarating one I’ve ever experienced.

Time is never enough to fully appreciate MOMA. The $450 million renovation in 2019 was undoubtedly worthwhile, offering a wealth of experiences to every visitor. Amidst the array of renowned contemporary artworks on display, I found myself queuing for 20 minutes to closely observe “Starry Night,” one of the most inspiring masterpieces by the great Vincent Willem van Gogh.

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